Flinders University Shodokan Aikido Club

Shodokan Aikido club following the teachings of Kenji Tomiki Shihan, the founder of Shodokan Aikido.

It is with pleasure that we invite you to learn about us and Shodokan Aikido by perusing this page and our website plus following the links to our affiliated organizations.
We are a part of the Oceana Aikido Kyougi Renmei with direct links to the Brisbane Chuo and the Shodokan Honbu Dojo in Osaka in Japan.
We follow the teachings of the Kenji Tomiki Shihan the founder of Shodkan Aikido and the Japan Aikido Association (JAA). Tomiki Shihan was the first Aikido practioner awarded the highest ranking by Morehei Uyeshiba the founder of modern Aikido.
Our Chief technical Instructor is Nariyama Shihan from the Shodokan Honbu and our Australian Instructor is Alan Higgs Sensei. This club was founded by Sensei Andrew Bereny (godan) in 1995, he has more than 30 years experience in Shodokan Aikido. We welcome you to attend our club for a free introductory lesson.
Andrew Sensei is supported by a dedicated team of Black Belts (Yudansha) here in Adelaide.